Schools are pleased about 240 new lab coats

When there is hissing and banging in chemistry classes, personal clothing don´t have to get dirty and the skin must be protected. That’s why wearing laboratory coats is extremely important for experiments. Recently, the DELO Academy has donated 240 lab coats to schools in Landsberg and the surrounding area.

The Dominikus-Zimmermann-Gymnasium, the Ignaz-Kögler-Gymnasium and the Agricultural Education Centre Landsberg each got 30 lab coats to look forward to. The Rhabanus-Maurus-Gymnasium in St. Ottilien, the boys' secondary school Schondorf and the girls' secondary school Dießen also received 30 coats.
In addition to the six schools in the Landsberg district, 60 more coats were donated to the chemistry school in Munich which, for example, trains chemical-technical assistants. The donation has a total value of 5,700 euros.


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