DELO offers a new adhesive for closed-cavity packaging

DELO has developed a new, reliable sealant adhesive for CMOS image sensors, which are often used in driver monitoring systems. Glass filters can be bonded directly to the semiconductor chip using DELO DUALBOND EG6290. The electronics-specified adhesive can be dispensed in narrow, high bondlines, can compensate for temperature-dependent pressure changes, and meets routine automotive standards.

The new adhesive was specially designed for the glass-on-die assembly method. The glass filter is fixed directly onto the chip, as is typical with iBGA image sensor packaging.

Compared to previous products, DELO DUALBOND EG6290 has a significantly higher Young's modulus of 2,350 MPa and significantly higher adhesion value. Due to a glass transition temperature (Tg) of over +130 °C, the adhesive exhibits mechanically consistent behavior—even at high application temperatures, for example, during the molding process—and can compensate for temperature-dependent pressure changes. DELO DUALBOND EG6290 thus fulfills the requirements of the AEC-Q100 Grade 2 automotive industry standard.  

The adhesive is applied via needle dispensing. Thanks to its very high thixotropy index, narrow and high bondlines can be precisely dispensed, onto which the glass filter is then joined.

Curing takes place in two successive process steps: First, the adhesive is exposed to light with a wavelength of 365 or 400 nm. Then, as a result, the glass filter is fixed within a few seconds. The adhesive typically fully cures in 15 minutes at +130 °C. Due to the rapid curing reaction, the matrix in the adhesive builds up quickly, which ensures the image sensor package is reliably sealed.

Both the dual curing process and the comparatively low curing temperature help to minimize the pressure that usually occurs when bonding glass filters.

CMOS image sensors are essential components in modern vehicles and are installed, for example, in LiDAR and driver monitoring systems. They must be completely sealed to keep out dust and moisture and maintain their safety functions over their entire service life.

With this new product, DELO is expanding its portfolio of electronic adhesives, offering yet another solution for closed-cavity packaging in addition to adhesives for glass-on-housing applications. DELO DUALBOND EG6290 and other products developed for the microelectronics packaging sector will be presented at Semicon Southeast Asia, taking place from May 28–30, 2024 in Malaysia.

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