New Jet Valve from DELO Offers Maximum Power, Easy to Maintain

DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for automotive, consumer and industrial electronics applications, has launched a new high-performance microdispensing valve that can reproduce dispensing results at a dispensing frequency up to 300 Hz. The plunger speed reaches twice the maximum value of its predecessor, DELO-DOT PN3.

This pneumatic jet valve is easy-to-use and features tool-free maintenance of its fluid system. Its compact design allows for easy integration into production systems.

The DELO-DOT PN5 offers a contactless application preventing collisions between the dispensing valve and the component. High-viscous materials and difficult media can be dispensed accurately, precisely and reliably.

The valve offers interchangeable nozzles with different diameters, as well as an adjustable plunger stroke that is flexible. This ensures that the application is reproducible using different drop sizes in the nanoliter range.

The jet valve's plunger is mainly made of ceramic and carbide. It is suitable for prolonged use, even with complex materials. When the plunger wears out at the end of its life cycle, only the nozzle and fluid plunger need to be replaced. No special tools are required since the fluid system can be easily removed via the bayonet lock.

The actuator has a lifetime of more than one billion cycles. Compared to its predecessor, the new jet valve can be cleaned and maintained easily and efficiently because less parts come in contact with the adhesive.

The DELO-DOT PN5 measures 68 mm x 28 mm x 99.5 mm (W x D x H) and can easily be integrated into process systems. The jet valve’s cartridge retainer, which can be positioned in 90° increments, allows media to be fed from all four sides of the device.  This further simplifies fitting into production systems.

The new and compact DELO-DRIVERBOX PN control unit is used in conjunction with the DELO-DOT PN5. The control unit is designed to save space for use in PLC-operated systems. As a PLC alternative, DELO offers the powerful DELO-DOT pilot 1i cycle generator, which allows users to reliably generate the fastest dispensing cycles, regardless of their own PLC capabilities.

Based on the standard model, DELO is planning further variants to meet the large demand for the most diverse media to be dispensed.

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