Webinar "Basic of Bonding Technology"


Start: 03.00 pm
End: 03:45 pm

In the webinar, the DELO experts will provide you with basics knowledge of bonding technology and show you which factors need to be considered for the successful implementation of bonding processes. You can also learn about the advantages of using high-tech adhesives for different applications.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • For which applications is bonding suitable? What are the limits?
  • Why is the image of failure in adhesive helpful in the adhesive selection?
  • What is the optimum layer thickness of adhesives?

Please feel free to answer your specific questions!


Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Yokohama

2021/05/26 - 2021/07/30

Virtual | Japan

DELO Jobmesse (digital) für gewerbliche Berufe 15:00 - 16:00 Uhr


Begin time: 15:00 o'clock
End time: 16:00 o'clock



Webinar: "Surface Pretreatment"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

In this webinar, we will show process options prior to the actual bonding process. Our experts will give you an overview of various pretreatment methods and show you which methods are available for quality assurance.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • What are the effects of surface pretreatment?
  • Do all components have to be pretreated before bonding?
  • How can a reproducible quality of the bonded joint be achieved?

Any further questions? Ask them!

Webinar: "Fast Processes: Bonding in Seconds"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

Fast and efficient processes offer a considerable competitive edge. Combined with expertly applied knowledge, high-tech adhesives can help accelerate production processes. This TECH TALK will show you exactly how this can look like.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • Can light-curing adhesives be used to bond components that are not translucent?
  • Are there adhesives that have multiple curing mechanisms?
  • Can the curing speed of heat-curing adhesives be increased?
  • What is the minimum curing time of adhesives?

Enrich the TECH TALK with your additional questions!


SPIE. Digital Optical Technologies Conference 2021 - Online

2021/06/21 - 2021/06/25

Digital Forum

Learn more about Tailoring optical and thermo-mechanical properties of highly reliable UV-curable polymers at the presentation by a DELO expert.

Session 2: Novel Materials and Processes for Digital Optics in AR

Webinar: "Dispensing technology – fast and precise application of adhesives"


Start: 05.00 pm
End: 05.45 pm

Users can choose from a wide selection of dispensers for bonding processes. This free webinar provides a brief overview of the various dispensing technologies and focuses on contactless jetting, which is the fastest dispensing option.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • Which valve types are available on the market and how to choose the correct one?
  • Which equipment components in the process have a significant role in the whole dispensing process?
  • How do other parameters like “tube length” affect the dispensing?

Any further questions? Ask them in the webinar!

Webinar: "Dispensing 100 times faster: Screen & stencil printing of adhesives. 10 questions and 10 answers"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

Screen and stencil printing can speed up conventional dispensing processes by 100 times. In this TECH TALK you will learn basic operation and possible applications of screen and stencil printing for adhesives.

Get answers to questions like: 

  • Which geometries / structures can be imaged? 
  • What are the advantages of stencil and those of a screen? 
  • How can bubbles in the printed image be avoid? 

Any further questions? Ask them in the webinar!


CIOE 2021

2021/09/01 - 2021/09/03

Booth number: 9E71

Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center | China


Basic Seminar "Fast Processes"

2021/09/14 - 2021/09/15

At DELO in Windach


The Battery Show 2021

2021/09/14 - 2021/09/16

Booth number: 1939

Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan | USA


EMAX Malaysia

2021/10/05 - 2021/10/07

Begin time: 10:00 o'clock
End time: 18:00 o'clock

booth: A48

Setia SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia



2021/11/16 - 2021/11/19

Booth number: B1717

Messe München | Germany



2022/05/10 - 2022/05/12

Booth number: 62B61

Messe Berlin | Germany





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