The adhesives face a wide variety of challenges in this field as they bond side walls, luggage racks, light covers as well as special Dado panels.

Further possible application areas include:

Doors and door frame covers

DELO adhesives are already used in this area to bond sandwich structures to thin plastic panels.

As adhesive joining does not damage the material, the load-bearing stiffness of thesandwich structures remains unreduced. The adhesives have tough-elastic properties and also equalize tensions well.

Today, no aircraft can be imagined without displays. They are used in in-flight entertainment and the cockpit.
Previously, the air gap between touch panel and display led to undesirable reflections. Thanks to the new optically clear DELO adhesives, these reflections can be reduced to a minimum (see picture).


DELO adhesives provide excellent strength and high peel resistance. Therefore, they are used in constructive seat bondings and for veneers. Unlike other joining methods, bonding gives creative freedom for design and appearance.

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