Additive manufacturing – 3D printing

Industrial 3D printing: Functional materials for liquid additive manufacturing

DELO has taken its high-performance materials for 3D printing to the next level, thus unlocking new possibilities in liquid additive manufacturing. The materials provide various functions including transparency and flexibility. They can be combined in one printing process and display isotropic strengths in all printing directions.

The liquid materials can be dispensed in layers at room temperature and, after curing by means of UV light, are crosslinked duromers. Liquid additive manufacturing therefore offers an alternative to 3D printing methods such as fused deposition modeling (FDM), stereolithography (SLA) and material jetting.

The material properties are comparable to those of high performance plastics like polyamide and PEEK. They are therefore well-suited for applications in the automotive and microelectronic industry, and for fine functional structures, in particular.

Special features of 3D printing materials


Combination of materials

  • Wide range of functionalities
    (e.g. rigid, flexible and optical materials)
  • Good adhesion between materials
  • Easy dispensing and curing


Isotropic properties

  • Good strength in all pressure directions
  • No strength decrease between laminar structures due to chemical crosslinking


Complex structures

  • Fine structures possible
    (< 500 µm with fine surface)
  • Undercuts possible due to the use
    of water-soluble support materials


Special features

  • Similar properties to high performance plastics
  • High temperature (+200 °C) and media resistance
  • Proven long-term resistance

"With our materials, users have a toolbox for producing functional 3D printed components. Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we can offer tailored liquid materials for a variety of applications."

Dr. Karl Bitzer, Head of Product Management at DELO

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