DELO small cartridges: Innovation in quality, reliability and sustainability

Our claim to always deliver top performance and innovation drives us to continuously improve and expand our product range. Introducing our latest development - small cartridges manufactured with the highest precision in Germany.

Premium design for outstanding performance

Our small cartridges are optimized for DELO adhesives and are used exclusively with them. They stand for process and delivery reliability as well as sustainability.

The cartridge has a standardized Luer-lock and offers seamless compatibility with commercially available dispensing needles and compressed air adapters. The optimized closure design makes the cartridge easy to open. In addition, a special seal serves as counterfeit protection so that you can be sure that you are holding a DELO product in your hands.

At present, 30 cc cartridges are available, with further piston variants planned to fulfil the different requirements.

High reliability of delivery

Our small cartridges are manufactured with precision near our DELO headquarters. This enables us to further secure our supply chain and guarantee you a high level of delivery reliability.

Our commitment to a sustainable future

Our partner uses 100% green electricity and solar energy for the production of DELO cartridges. Short delivery routes also ensure considerable CO2 savings. Thanks to the use of thin foil seals instead of conventional plastic end caps, the amount of waste after cartridge use is significantly reduced.

As part of our sustainability efforts, we are also currently investigating whether bio-based and recycled materials are suitable to produce our cartridges in order to be able to offer you sustainable cartridges in the future and make our contribution to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

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Discover the DELO small cartridges and see the technical specifications of the cartridges.

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