UV adhesive products by DELO: Transparency all the way!

DELO has a huge portfolio of light- and UV curing adhesives. The range of products includes UV glue solutions for challenging applications in automotive and electronics. Thanks to their optical and thermal stability, our UV adhesive line is especially suitable for manufacturing optical components. A special feature of DELO's UV curing adhesive is that it can be preactivated with visible light. This makes UV adhesive DELO KATIOBOND a great fit for bonding opaque materials!


UV Curing
  • UV glue: Curing within seconds for short cycle times in production
  • UV adhesive suitable for opaque materials
  • Suitable for a wide range of temperatures
  • Quick and reliable UV curing

Application examples

Smart Card

Chip encapsulation with DELO-KATIOBOND

When it comes to smart card modules, 'Dam and Fill' is key: To ensure a low potting level, it is important to have a 'Dam' of high-viscous encapsulation around the chip. A perfect job for UV adhesive DELO KATIOBOND! Then, a low-viscosity 'Fill' area is placed inside the 'Dam' to protect the chip.


Tablet sealing with DELO-KATIOBOND

When it comes to e-papers and e-books, a UV adhesive sealant ensures the display's immaculate functionality – be it at high temperatures, in dry or humid surroundings. For these challenges especially, DELO has developed UV adhesives with low permeation and varying levels of flexibility. This range doesn't just entail UV curing adhesives but can be cured with visible light. This is important when the adhesive needs to be cured through UV-blocking layers.

Active Alignment

DELO KATIOBOND active alignment

'Active Alignment': This process simultaneously aligns and fixes optical components such as mirrors, lenses or prisms are simultaneously aligned and fixed onto a substrate. For successful placement and bonding, it is crucial that the UV adhesive stays liquid until the component is perfectly placed; then, it needs to cure very quickly. DELO has a special UV curing adhesive range for these demands: They show low outgassing – while curing firmly and quickly once placing and fixing parts is completed.

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