DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203 | 204

High-intensity LED area lamps for large bonding areas

DELOLUX 20x series lamp heads are UV flood lamps. Distributing light homogeneously, a flood lamp enables curing of larger areas in a matter of seconds. Our LED flood lights can be adjusted to individual production settings and flexibly integrated into fully automated assembly lines. Different cooling mechanisms are also available for the lamps. Depending on requirements, you can choose between active air cooling, cleanroom-compatible water cooling and passive cooling.

They are especially suitable for large areas that need consistent illumination for curing: By placing DELOLUX 20 / DELOLUX 202 / DELOLUX 203 / DELOLUX 204 flood curing lamps in a row, it is possible to bring light evenly to large adhesion surfaces. In-series connection of these LED curing lamps is possible both on the x- and the y-axis.

Another advantage of these flood lamps: Thanks to the cold light source, heat development on the component is very low. In addition, this type of flood lamp shows a very long lifetime and completely even light intensity – for optimal curing results throughout their life cycle.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for irradiating larger areas
  • Ideal for fully automated production lines
  • Cold light source – lowest heat development at the component
  • Lifetime exceeding 20,000 hours
  • Consistent light intensity throughout the flood lamp's lifetime
  • Irradiation area can be expanded on the x- and y-axis
  • Very even distribution of light even on large areas
  • Same base unit for both types of lamp heads
  • DELOLUX 20 and 202 - actively air-cooled lamphead (fan)
  • DELOLUX 203 - passively cooled lamphead (preferably via water cooling profiles)
  • DELOLUX 204 - integrated water cooling profile

Brochures of DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203 | 204

LED curing lamps - DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203
LED curing lamps
DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203


Excellent bonding results – Thanks to DELO's state-of-the-art adhesives

For more than 50 years, DELO has been convincing customers with its adhesion solutions: Whenever reliable, durable and fast-curing bonds are necessary, DELO glues report for duty!

The application fields and possibilities of use are highly diverse and the industries range from microelectronics, electronics, RFID, automotive and photovoltaics to mechanical engineering. If you are looking for a bonding solution for your components, then ask for details of our products, and benefit from expert advice on adhesives. From cyanoacrylate and epoxy resin adhesives to silicones, DELO is guaranteed to have the right adhesive for you.

LED curing lamps for quick adhesive curing processes

Speed is often the focus when it comes to using adhesives. UV curing lamps enable fast curing and are therefore often indispensable in the production process.

UV LED lamps offer technical properties that deliver significant advantages for adhesive curing:

  • Light intensity adjustable to a constant high level
  • Useful life can exceed 20,000 hours  (“on” time = lifetime)
  • Low operating costs through low current consumption and low costs for maintenance and spare parts
  • No warm-up time and therefore ready for operation immediately
  • Reproducible curing properties on the entire irradiated area
  • Very low heat development at the component
  • Compact design

DELO dispensing equipment for precise adhesive dispensing

Adhesive, application and desired degree of automation – these factors are decisive for the selection of suitable dispensing equipment, such as dispensing guns, valves and pressure tanks.

DELO’s adhesive dispensing equipment is precisely adapted to its high-tech adhesives and enables optimum production processes. You benefit from cost-effective adhesive processing that can be integrated into the process flexibly. Jet systems, in particular, must operate precisely and fast, and must be compact. Precision is necessary for the accurate and reproducible application of tiny adhesive quantities; speed enables fast processes, while a compact design allows integration into any production system.

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