Glass bonding - essential and often indispensable in modern design

Glass - its transparency and the multitude of creative opportunities it offers make it an indispensable material for both exterior and interior architects. However, glass only shows off to its best advantage with the help of the ideal joining method: Bonding. 

No other joining element offers the elasticity a glass-to-metal join requires to equalize the two materials’ dissimilar coefficients of linear expansion.

Light-curing acrylates such as DELO-PHOTOBOND opens up multiple, new possibilities, regardless of whether it is bonding hinges of shower enclosures, producing glass furniture, or building high-quality glass partition wall systems.


  • High-strength and tension-equalizing at the same time
  • Various viscosities are possible (for clean dispensing of adhesive beads for adhesive layer thicknesses up to 3 mm)
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Transparent and resistant to yellowing
  • Index of refraction similar to that of glass

Application examples

Hinge bonding at Duscholux

The Swiss company Duscholux has already been using light-curing adhesives for mixed glass bondings for many years. The company is the world market leader in shower enclosures and acrylic tubs. In addition, Duscholux creates room concept solutions for nearly any bathroom size and construction requirements. The example illustrated describes how stainless steel hinges are bonded to glass partition walls to build up shower enclosures.


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