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DELO presents a new jet valve for ultra-small dispensing quantities

DELO has introduced a new microdispensing valve. The DELO-DOT PN5 LV pneumatic jet valve is designed for dispensing low-viscosity adhesives and other media in miniaturized applications. Thanks to its compact design, it also requires very little space to install in production systems.


Revenues at DELO reach almost $250 million

In the last fiscal year (ending March 31, 2024), sales at DELO significantly increased. The manufacturer of high-tech adhesives and other multifunctional materials recorded sales revenue of €229 million ($249 million). This is an increase of twelve percent compared to the previous year. South Korea


DELO offers a new adhesive for closed-cavity packaging

DELO has developed a new, reliable sealant adhesive for CMOS image sensors, which are often used in driver monitoring systems. Glass filters can be bonded directly to the semiconductor chip using DELO DUALBOND EG6290. The electronics-specified adhesive can be dispensed in narrow, high bondlines, can


Automation company GROB’s machinery for latest EV motor assembly solution leverages DELO’s dual-curing adhesives

In its continued efforts to become a trusted supplier in electric vehicle (EV) powertrain manufacturing, GROB’s PM compact rotor assembly line was specifically designed with DELO’s dual-curing process in mind, creating a turnkey manufacturing solution for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers.


DELO commissions PV system with a peak output of 1.7 MWp

DELO has recently started producing its own green electricity. The high-tech adhesives manufacturer has installed a photovoltaic system covering its roof surfaces which will power up to 30% of its electricity.


Bosch relies on DELO adhesives for mild-hybrid system

48-volt batteries can reduce vehicle carbon emissions by up to 15 percent. Bosch is known as the technology leader in this field and offers auto manufacturers a powerful and clever solution with its mild-hybrid battery. An adhesive from DELO plays a substantial role in its integration.


DELO adds to its medical portfolio with new adhesive for biosensors

DELO Industrial Adhesives, a high-tech adhesives manufacturer based in Germany, has developed a new medical-grade adhesive, DELO MONOPOX MG3727, as it continues to grow within the medical electronics industry. Based on a long-proven consumer electronics adhesive featuring low temperature curing and ...more

DELO to expand presence in the medical electronics industry

DELO Industrial Adhesives, a Germany-based, globally present adhesives manufacturer, has begun its foray into medical electronics applications. The company plans to apply its advanced adhesives, miniaturization, and raw materials expertise to the development of medical technologies such as glucose ...more

DELO introduces active alignment adhesive for high-resolution automotive cameras

With DELO DUALBOND OB6799, DELO is launching an adhesive that has been optimized to meet the high optical requirements of modern driver assistance systems. With it, the adhesive manufacturer is setting new process speed and alignment accuracy standards for automotive cameras. ...more

New semicon adhesive propels autonomous driving forward

DELO has developed a flexible electronics adhesive that permanently seals sensor housings airtight and thus reliably protects components such as image sensors. DELO DUALBOND BS3770 meets the stringent requirements of the semiconductor and automotive industries and helps drive innovation in ...more

DELO to host day-long virtual conference on advanced driver assistance systems

The ADAS Manufacturing Virtual Conference will be hosted by DELO, taking place on November 16, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CET. It will feature speakers from the adhesives manufacturer as well as high-profile automotive suppliers, who will be discussing the latest trends and possibilities in ...more

New adhesive for automotive lighting

DELO has developed a new adhesive for automotive lighting applications. DELO PHOTOBOND OB4189 is resistant to yellowing and, with its high aspect ratio, is particularly suitable for bonding microlens arrays, such as those found in headlights and projection systems. ...more

DELO Introduces Its First Dual-Curing High-Temperature Structural Adhesive for Electric Motors

DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for the automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries, has developed its first dual-curing, high-temperature adhesive for electric motor applications. DELO DUALBOND HT2990 is designed for use in multiple ...more

DELO achieves strong sales growth

DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for the automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries, generated revenues of almost €205 million ($222 million) during fiscal year 2022/23, which ended on March 31. This is an increase of 12 percent compared to ...more

High-tech Adhesives from DELO Used for Thin-film Solar Cells

DELO, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives for the automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries, now offers adhesives for solar cells. These light-curing products, made from epoxy resins or acrylates, are well suited for bonding the protective films of ...more

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