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DELO introduces active alignment adhesive for high-resolution automotive cameras

With DELO DUALBOND OB6799, DELO is launching an adhesive that has been optimized to meet the high optical requirements of modern driver assistance systems. With it, the adhesive manufacturer is setting new process speed and alignment accuracy standards for automotive cameras. ...more

New semicon adhesive propels autonomous driving forward

DELO has developed a flexible electronics adhesive that permanently seals sensor housings airtight and thus reliably protects components such as image sensors. DELO DUALBOND BS3770 meets the stringent requirements of the semiconductor and automotive industries and helps drive innovation in ...more

DELO to host day-long virtual conference on advanced driver assistance systems

The ADAS Manufacturing Virtual Conference will be hosted by DELO, taking place on November 16, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. CET. It will feature speakers from the adhesives manufacturer as well as high-profile automotive suppliers, who will be discussing the latest trends and possibilities in ...more

New adhesive for automotive lighting

DELO has developed a new adhesive for automotive lighting applications. DELO PHOTOBOND OB4189 is resistant to yellowing and, with its high aspect ratio, is particularly suitable for bonding microlens arrays, such as those found in headlights and projection systems. ...more

DELO introduces its first dual-curing high-temperature structural adhesive for electric motors

DELO has developed its first dual-curing, high-temperature adhesive for electric motor applications. DELO DUALBOND HT2990 is designed for use in multiple processes, including magnet bonding and magnet stacking in electric motor manufacturing. ...more

DELO achieves strong sales growth

In fiscal year 2022/23 (ending March 31), DELO generated revenues of almost €205 million. This is an increase of 12 percent compared to the previous year. Japan and the United States particularly proved to be growth drivers for the high-tech adhesives manufacturer. ...more

High-tech Adhesives for Thin-film Solar Cells

DELO presents adhesives for solar cells for the first time. The light-curing products based on epoxy resins or acrylates are particularly well suited for bonding the protective films of thin-film solar cells, while at the same time forming an effective barrier against humidity. ...more

DELO to host webinars highlighting the latest in bonding technology

DELO Industrial Adhesives, one of the world’s leading adhesive manufacturers for automotive, consumer electronics and semiconductor industries, is set to host another round of its industry webinar series, TECH TALKS. This year’s series will cover both familiar and new, thought-provoking topics, ...more

Highest power and flexibility in adhesive curing

DELO has developed a line lamp for curing adhesives and other multi-functional polymers. DELOLUX 301 is suitable for highly automated processes in small and narrow production lines. The lamp offers highest curing speeds and great flexibility for integration into production lines, like those found in ...more

DELO to host online AR/VR hardware conference on November 9

DELO will host a virtual event on November 9, 2022, along with several partners from the AR/VR community, to discuss the different ways hardware developers and manufacturers can reduce assembly costs for smart glasses and other augmented and virtual reality devices used in applications like ...more

DELO appoints two new managing directors

DELO recently appointed Dr. Karl Bitzer and Christian Walther as managing directors. Both have been part of the company management team for many years. Robert Saller, who was a managing director, resigned from the board for personal reasons but remains with the company as an authorized signatory. ...more

DELO offers various webinars on adhesive bonding

DELO is offering another series of webinars this year, for both beginners and experts, on adhesive bonding. Topics will range from bonding technology basics and practical tips to more recent developments in the industry, including screen printing and stencil printing of adhesives. ...more

DELO’s revenues continue to grow

DELO has achieved sales of 182 million euros in fiscal year 2021/22, ending March 31, 2022. This is an increase of 9 percent compared to the previous year. The manufacturer of high-tech adhesives and other multifunctional materials, as well as related equipment, recorded double-digit growth in ...more

New jet valve for maximum power and easy maintenance

DELO has launched a new high-performance microdispensing valve. DELO-DOT PN5 impresses with its wide range of applications and easy, tool-free maintenance of the fluid system. Its compact design allows for easy integration into production systems. ...more

Activation on the flow: New process technology for high-tech adhesives

With activation on the flow, DELO has developed an innovative process technology combining adhesive dispensing and preactivation in a single process step for the first time. This provides users with new options for designing their products and processes while reducing costs and CO2 emissions. The ...more

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