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属性 DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203

DELOLUX 20 和 DELOLUX 202 属于紫外线泛光灯。紫外线泛光灯的光线分布均匀,可以在短短几秒之内对较大的区域进行固化。

我们的LED泛光灯可以根据各户的生产需求进行专门的调节,并且灵活地整合于全自动装配线内。它们特别适合需要持续光照固化的大面积区域: 将多架 DELOLUX 20 或 DELOLUX 202 泛光固化灯进行串联,即可均匀地照射大片粘合表面。这种 LED 固化灯可以在沿着x轴方向与y轴方向进行串联。

这种泛光灯的另一大优势是: 由于光源是冷光源,因此在零件上产生的热量较低。不仅如此,此类泛光灯的使用寿命很长,而且在使用期间一直保持均匀的发光强度——从而达到最佳固化效果。

  • 更大的辐照面积 
  • 完美适用于自动化生产线 
  • 冷光源,对工作组件无不良热影响

Unique features

  • 长使用寿命,大于2万小时
  • 使用周期内光强稳定
  • 应对辐照要求x轴y轴方向皆可扩展
  • 大辐照面,等光强
  • 两种灯头,同样主机

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LED curing lamps - DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203
LED curing lamps
DELOLUX 20 | 202 | 203
Light curing
Light curing
Benefits, adhesives and curing lamps


Excellent bonding results – Thanks to DELO's state-of-the-art adhesives

For more than 50 years, DELO has been convincing customers with its adhesion solutions: Whenever reliable, durable and fast-curing bonds are necessary, DELO glues report for duty!

The application fields and possibilities of use are highly diverse and the industries range from microelectronics, electronics, RFID, automotive and photovoltaics to mechanical engineering. If you are looking for a bonding solution for your components, then ask for details of our products, and benefit from expert advice on adhesives. From cyanoacrylate and epoxy resin adhesives to silicones, DELO is guaranteed to have the right adhesive for you.

LED curing lamps for quick adhesive curing processes

Speed is often the focus when it comes to using adhesives. UV curing lamps enable fast curing and are therefore often indispensable in the production process.

UV LED lamps offer technical properties that deliver significant advantages for adhesive curing:

  • Light intensity adjustable to a constant high level
  • Useful life can exceed 20,000 hours  (“on” time = lifetime)
  • Low operating costs through low current consumption and low costs for maintenance and spare parts
  • No warm-up time and therefore ready for operation immediately
  • Reproducible curing properties on the entire irradiated area
  • Very low heat development at the component
  • Compact design

DELO dispensing equipment for precise adhesive dispensing

Adhesive, application and desired degree of automation – these factors are decisive for the selection of suitable dispensing equipment, such as dispensing guns, valves and pressure tanks.

DELO’s adhesive dispensing equipment is precisely adapted to its high-tech adhesives and enables optimum production processes. You benefit from cost-effective adhesive processing that can be integrated into the process flexibly. Jet systems, in particular, must operate precisely and fast, and must be compact. Precision is necessary for the accurate and reproducible application of tiny adhesive quantities; speed enables fast processes, while a compact design allows integration into any production system.

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