Glass bonding: an art in its own right

Glass is an indispensable material for the implementation of modern designs. Bonding glass is a task that must meet high aesthetic standards regardless of whether one is working with glass tables or shower enclosures. One of the most crucial aspects of glass-to-glass or glass-to-metal bonding is that the used adhesive is permanently transparent and yellowing-resistant.

Light-curing acrylates, such as the glass metal adhesive DELO PHOTOBOND offer a multitude of possibilities in the making of glass furniture or the production of state-of-the-art glass partition systems. The glass bonding adhesive is and remains transparent.

Brochure: Glass Bonding

UV bonding of glass: convincing qualities

DELO’s glass metal adhesives are great for bonding glass to aluminum or other metals, as they offer significant elasticity in contrast to other bonds. Because of this feature, the adhesive is able to counterbalance the materials’ difference in linear expansion.

Due to its extraordinary long-term stability and humidity resistance, the glass metal adhesive is particularly suitable for use in sanitary facilities. Elaborate climate tests have been carried out in order to confirm that the adhesive meets the relevant requirements. In addition, the adhesive’s long-term translucence transparence and yellowing resistance have been successfully tested in a sun simulator.


  • High-strength and tension-equalizing at the same time
  • Various viscosities are possible (for clean dispensing of adhesive beads for adhesive layer thicknesses up to 3 mm)
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Transparent and resistant to yellowing
  • Index of refraction similar to that of glass

Application examples

Transparent Adhesives for Flacons

The perfume flacon is usually just as special as the fragrance itself. To make the flacons visually appealing, decorative elements or closures made of metal or plastic are often bonded to the small glass bottles. The important thing here is that the bonding area is not visible, a requirement that can be met by using transparent adhesives.

Hinge bonding at Duscholux

The Swiss company Duscholux has already been using light-curing adhesives for mixed glass bondings for many years. The company is the world market leader in shower enclosures and acrylic tubs. In addition, Duscholux creates room concept solutions for nearly any bathroom size and construction requirements. The example illustrated describes how stainless steel hinges are bonded to glass partition walls to build up shower enclosures.


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