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No matter whether you are completing studies like mechanical engineering, plastics technology, business administration, electrical engineering, precision engineering or a science degree such as chemistry or physics: we are always looking for smart people from various disciplines and will help you optimally start out in professional life.

Completing an internship at DELO

An internship at DELO gives you the opportunity to gain first hand experience of a successful innovative company. You will work on our fascinating projects and gain in-depth insights into bonding technology and our daily work. As a "fair company" we offer very good general conditions for your internship, including top specialist support throughout your internship.


Possible subjects for student internships include:

  • Determination of the conductivity of (IC- and TC-) adhesives using DN29 and DN47
  • Analysis and description of the actuators of a mobile phone camera
  • Determination of the influencing factors on a special dispensing geometry
  • Wet-chemical surface treatment methods for aluminium
  • Investigation of different effects of plasma surface pretreatment
  • Determination of the linear shrinkage of adhesives
  • Cross-section preparation for the evaluation of adhesive layers and bonding


Send your complete application to Rebecca Weh She is also available to answer any questions you may have.

Overview of key information


Internship length: at least six weeks
Start: 1st of every month
Application deadline: at least two months before the desired start of the internship
Remuneration: yes

Completing your final paper at DELO

You are also welcome to complete your final paper at DELO. The practical nature of the subjects will open many career doors to you – also, of course, in our company. Thanks to our steady growth we can generally offer our students a permanent employment agreement.

We provide the necessary technical facilities and are on hand to support and advise you. During the entire period you will have your own mentor who possesses an intimate knowledge of the relevant discipline. You can exchange ideas with them and your fellow colleagues, and discuss and develop procedures. To start with, you will be given intensive bonding training at our DELO Academy.

Ideas for final papers are yielded by real projects and issues such as

  • Design of a test set-up for the thermode curing of adhesives
  • Assessment of the dispensing capability by means of rheological influencing factors for contactless microdispensing
  • Investigation of the influence of effects on the index of refraction of thin layers of optically transparent adhesives

Overview of key information


Length: in line with the prescribed time in the examination rules
Start: 1st of a month
Application deadline: at least two months before the desired start of the internship
Remuneration: yes

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