DELO trains the best apprentices in Germany

If you are about to sit your final exams at school and want to learn a profession with a future, DELO is just what you're looking for.

We offer a wide range of apprenticeships and take on our apprentices in line with the motto "Join us, get started and stay with us“. Our well-organized apprenticeships lay the foundation for your successful working life. Your future colleagues and other apprentices will ensure that you soon feel part of our team.

Very often DELO apprentices graduate with top marks and are among the best in Germany.

10 good reasons for an apprenticeship at DELO

1. You can look forward to a fantastically well-organized apprenticeship that you will enjoy and that best trains you for your desired profession.
2. You will start with introductory training at our DELO Academy, where you will get to know your fellow apprentices.
3. You will be assigned a mentor and instructor who will support you.
4. During your working hours you will have time to study.
5. You will work on real projects to give you hands-on experience of the job.
6. A good apprenticeship salary will be paid to you (in line with chemical industry rates).
7. You can do a language course abroad – on your own or with other apprentices.
8. We reward very good graduation marks with a financial bonus.
9. You will enjoy many social benefits including a travel allowance, free fruit and water.
10. Thanks to our steady growth, you have very good prospects of being offered a job with us.


"Thanks to DELO, I will now be able to earn a living from my hobby."

Digital and Print Media Designer,
2nd year of apprenticeship


"We apprentices have a great community. Many new friendships have started here."

Industrial Clerk,
2nd apprenticeship year


"People are all very friendly and treat us apprentices like "real" colleagues."

IT Specialist (System Integration),
3rd apprenticeship year

Trial internship at DELO

Are you still not sure which job suits you? Find out by completing a trial internship at DELO. We give you an insight into business management jobs, working in a laboratory environment or technical jobs like that of an electronics technician or industrial mechanic.

Make the most of the opportunity and gain first hand experience of various trades before you even leave school. At DELO you can gain an insight into the working world of a successful global player. You will be amazed at the diversity of jobs in our company and fascinated by the world of bonding technology.

We fix the length of the internship according to your school's specification or as you wish (up to one week is possible during the school holidays).



If so, we look forward to receiving your application including a cover letter, curriculum vitae, your last school certificate and any references from internships you have already completed. Please let us know in your cover letter which profession you would like to learn and when you would like to start your internship.

Apprenticeship at DELO

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