Theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of high-tech adhesives

Adhesive bonding is a challenging joining method. Get involved in bonding technology with our two-day basic seminar and gain knowledge on adhesives, fast curing processes, surface pretreatment, and process advantages based on a variety of adhesives. The large amount of practical work contained in the courses enables you to directly implement your acquired knowledge and gain practical experience.

The basic seminars also provide you with an excellent opportunity to share your bonding technology requirements with our experts.

Target group

  • Product developers
  • Employees in work preparation
  • Process owners

Theory and practice of bonding technology

Look forward to informative days and to a stimulating professional exchange of ideas with our adhesives experts and users from the industry.

Basics of bonding technology

Bonding is a complex technology and requires a lot of knowledge. 
Enter the world of bonding technology with us! 
In lectures, our lecturers explain the basics of bonding technology in a way that is easy to understand. You then apply the knowledge you have acquired directly in practical experiments - in our training laboratory under the guidance of our lab experts. 
This way, you build up adhesive bonding expertise in these areas: 

  • How do adhesives work? 
  • What are the advantages and limitations of adhesives? 
  • What types of adhesives are there and what properties do they have? 
  • What needs to be considered during processing? 
  • What constitutes a surface suitable for bonding and how can it be obtained? 
  • What are the principles for adhesive-compatible product design? 
  • How can adhesives be dispensed?

Course fee:
€ 710,- per person plus VAT
(incl. course material, certificate, lunch and drinks)

Duration: 2 days
Language: German
Location: DELO Windach, Germany


November 18 + 19, 2024 | Language: German
(Deadline for registration: November 04, 2024) 

Surface pretreatment

The bonding process begins even before the actual joining. Professional surface pretreatment is essential for high-tech bonding tasks.

In this seminar, you will find out interesting details about:

  • Handling of adhesives
  • Ways to achieve good adhesion
  • Measures to change surfaces
  • Ensuring a high quality of surface pretreatment
  • Special material classes and what to consider

Course fee:
€ 710,- per person plus VAT
(incl. course material, certificate, lunches and drinks)

Duration: 2 days
Language: German
Location: DELO Windach, Germany


November 20 + 21, 2024 (Deadline for registraion: November 06, 2024)


Fast processes

Fast, efficient processes and the matching adhesives make it possible to achieve short curing times and high cycle rates in production. In this way, large numbers of parts made of different materials can be joined within a very short time. 

In lectures, our instructors will provide you with know-how about light and heat curing as well as the use of dual-curing adhesives. You then directly apply this know-how yourself in practical tests - in our training laboratory under the guidance of our lab experts. In demonstration experiments, you will experience fast processes and learn more about their properties and applications. 

This way, you build up adhesive technology expertise in these areas: 

  • Adhesives that enable fast processes (light-curing, thermosetting, dual-curing).
  • Process options incl. illustrative application examples 
  • Flow activation: A process technology that offers new possibilities for product and process design.

Course fee:
€ 710,- per person plus VAT
(incl. course material, certificate, lunches and drinks)

Duration: 2 days
Language: German
Location: DELO Windach, Germany


November 25 + 26, 2024
(Deadline for registration: November 11, 2024) 


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