Medical electronics

Demographic development is presenting society with new challenges. Caring for the ever-growing and aging population is leading to increased use of medical assistance systems or self-care alternatives.

The active choice for a healthier lifestyle also requires digital medical applications for home use. Well-known examples include diabetes care management, health-monitoring trackers, and biosensors in wearables.

The manufacturers of such products have to use highly specialized materials to respond to increased production volumes and regulatory requirements. High-performance adhesives are needed for many applications.

DELO supports medical electronics manufacturers with customized products from a wide and varied range involving various basic chemicals and curing mechanisms. In line with its system concept, DELO also provides the appropriate lamp and dispensing technologies.

Diabetes care

DELO offers adhesive solutions for diverse medical wearables, such as continuous glucose monitoring patches (CGM) and insulin pumps.


  • One-component, fast UV light-curing adhesives
  • Applicable for potting, sealing, housing bonding
  • Passes cytotoxicity test according to ISO 10993-5
  • IBOA-free variants available


DELO offers skin-friendly adhesives for bonding of housings and ECG electrodes. Both fast, low-temperature-curing and preactivated adhesives are available. DELO also provides optical materials for LED packaging and spectral chips.


  • Biocompatibility
  • Fast curing
  • Optical-grade adhesives

Disposable endoscopes

Disposable endoscopes are required in high production volumes. Not only the lenses but also the entire optical system can be efficiently manufactured at the wafer-level. With its extensive materials and process expertise in nanoimprint technology and wafer-level optics, DELO is the partner of choice, especially when it comes to optical sensors, gratings, and waveguides.


  • Optical UV-curing materials
  • Adjustable refractive indices of 1.4-1.9
  • Very good yellowing stability even after high temperatures (e.g. reflow processes)
  • Good processability
    (imprintable, low stamp interaction, can be cured in thin layers)


Microfluidic applications range from lab on a chip to point-of-care diagnostics for disease detection and therapy monitoring, to name just a few examples. Manufacturers of these solutions benefit, in particular, from DELO's extensive optoelectronics and miniaturization expertise.


  • Adjustable refractive index
  • Curing in shadowed areas
  • Thermally conductive
  • Biocompatible
  • Suitable for activation on the flow
  • Nanoimprint-capable
  • Inkjet-dispensable
  • Dam stacking

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