Innovation for a better future

Shaping the future with innovations: that has always been our driving force. DELO's enthusiasm for technological challenges and future-oriented thinking have distinguished our company since its beginnings. We are committed to contribute to sustainable developments through continuous innovation and take our responsibilities in terms of social, ecological, and economic challenges serious. In all areas, we do our best to generate a healthy growth in harmony with the environment and the needs of our customers and employees.

Bonding drives forward trendsetting technologies

It is bonding that makes technologies such as e-mobility or newer approaches to solar applications possible and drives miniaturization. DELO's high-tech adhesives play an important role here. For example, they can help to:

  • increase the performance of electric motors
  • improve thermal management in battery systems
  • produce ever smaller components in more efficient processes (e.g. sensors, RFID radio tags, optoelectronic elements)
  • increase the reliability of thin-film solar cells.

Bonding also opens the way for product innovations and a more responsible use of resources throughout the value chain. For more energy-intensive joining methods, such as welding, bonding technology offers valuable alternative solutions. In addition, thanks to new innovative adhesives the curing time and temperature can be reduced in such a way that a lot of the energy originally required in the production process can be saved.

Our core projects in terms of sustainability

We want to help creating a more sustainable future and are making a contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions, ensuring sustainable growth and remaining an attractive and secure employer. Together with our employees, partners, and customers, we want to – and are able to – make a difference.

DELO's climate neutrality
By 2025/26, we want to be climate neutral in terms of Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are already using 100% green electricity, are gradually offsetting our CO₂ emissions with CO₂ certificates, and are installing a large photovoltaic system.
Energy-efficient customer processes
We are committed to developing further technical solutions that reduce CO₂ emissions and thus minimize our customers' Scope 1 and 2 emissions during the bonding process.
Bio-based raw materials
Raw materials based on cashew nutshell oil are already being used. We also monitor market dynamics and assess the use of sustainable raw-material alternatives for each development project. The goal is to set new standards in sustainable high-tech materials.
Debonding of adhesives
Some of our adhesives already allow bonded joints to be debonded so that valuable resources can be reused. We are continuously testing further possibilities through comprehensive feasibility studies.
Sustainable packaging
From trays to shipping containers, DELO uses environmentally friendly packaging materials. Cartridges made from bio-based or recycled materials are also being thoroughly tested.
Environmentally friendly transportation
DELO reduces waste on the customer's side by using raw materials (e.g. paper, plastic) very sparingly. We also intend to continuously expand our CO₂-neutral transport services. In this respect, we work together with partners such as World Courier.
Product Carbon Footprint
We use life cycle assessments to determine the carbon footprint of individual products. Any information obtained will also be integrated into a database for future LCAs.
DELO Scope 3
We are intensively engaged in determining our upstream and downstream CO₂ emissions (according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) and DIN ISO 14004).
Environmental aspects
We conduct detailed energy, water, and waste analyses, continuously implementing potential improvements. The goal is to limit the use of resources as much as possible.

Detailed information can be found in the DELO Sustainability Report.

Energy-efficient bonding processes

DELO is a specialist for sustainable and efficient process solutions. The majority of our adhesives is UV-curing, and we are continually developing new ways to replace energy-intensive heat curing processes. In this way, we support our customers in reducing their Scope 1 and 2 emissions (direct and indirect emissions, e.g. from the consumption of heating oil and purchased electricity) while minimizing our Scope 3 emissions (emissions in the supply chain).

Our innovative technology “Activation on the flow” allows to save up to 98% of CO2 emissions. By combining dispensing and preactivation, efficient UV-curing can also be used for complex, opaque geometries. Activation on the flow is a resource-saving alternative to heat curing processes.

Bio-based adhesives and debonding

Bio-based raw materials, such as cashew nutshell oil, have been used in some DELO products for many years. We are also testing in-house developments and are cooperating with technology leaders to test sustainable raw materials available on the market for their use in our adhesives. All raw materials used by DELO are solvent-free.

With regard to debonding of bonded joints, our experts are working on radiation-based approaches such as the use of IR or microwave radiation or the combination of thermal and mechanical options. Some of our adhesives, even those featuring high strength, can already be debonded, for example by using hot water. Others are able to absorb water, so that the adhesives swell, which allows components to be separated mechanically.

Sustainable cartridges and packaging

We are working intensively on the use of bio-based and recycled cartridges. To this end, our experts are conducting comprehensive feasibility studies to rule out any interaction with our high-tech adhesives. Through close exchange with our suppliers and regular market screenings for sustainable packaging solutions, we are always up to date about the latest developments and can perform sampling.

DELO also develops its own cartridges, which are manufactured by a partner near the company's headquarters. The short delivery routes help to reduce CO2 emissions. We also guarantee a high level of delivery reliability.

We have also changed our cartridge closures from plastic lids to small foil seals. This reduces the amount of waste due to closures at our customers' by up to 95%.

From tray to pallet: we use packaging solutions with a recycling content of 80 to 100%. By using temperature-controlled shipping containers from World Courier and other providers since 2018, we can save more than 1,700 t of CO2 emissions every year.

Certifications, awards, and memberships

DIN EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

Responsible Care Award 2015


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