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Training for use of diisocyanate-containing products required

The European Commission has changed Annex XVII of the European Chemicals Legislation REACH. Among other things, this affects substances and mixtures that contain more than 0.1% diisocyanates. This also affects DELO adhesives in isolated cases.

Due to the new regulation, users must have completed a training course on the safe use of these substances and mixtures as from August 24, 2023. For this purpose, the member companies of the manufacturers' associations ISOPA and ALIPA have developed a training concept and training materials. Under the following link you can register for the training if required:

Safe use of Diisocyanates

If you have already purchased products containing diisocyanates from us, you have been already been informed of this fact by email. As from February 24, 2022 we will also draw your attention to this fact on the labels with the following statement: "As from August 24, 2023 appropriate training must be provided before industrial or commercial use".

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