Reliable structural bonding adhesive for lasting stability

Structural bonding is winning ground – even in machinery and plant engineering, a sector that has traditionally been relying on locking, riveting and welding. When it comes to joining of electric motors, DELO's magnet adhesive range is especially popular. These magnet glue products are reliable and offer lasting stability – and can be cured in a matter of seconds!

Brochure: Adhesives for E-Motors

DELO – a suitable structural bonding adhesive for every application

In mechanical engineering and plant manufacture, it is crucial for adhesives to hold up to tough environmental factors: Hence, our general recommendation is for excellent medium thermal resistance. Depending on the job at hand, structural bonding products might need to be tension-equalizing, gap-filling and impact-resistant. DELO carries a wide range of structural bonding adhesives for tough demands: from one- and two-component epoxy resins to polyurethanes.

These structural and magnet adhesive solutions are glues of choice for bonding electric motors, magnets and screw locks. Besides suitable construction, the quality and structure of a component's surface is also relevant for bonding strength and longevity. DELO's surface treatments prepare a variety of different materials for gluing, such as metal, plastics, ceramics and tough-to-glue materials.

Brochure: Structural Bonding

Structural bonding adhesives for electric motors, magnets and railing elements

Electric motors call for magnet bonding: Magnets are glued into a motor's housing made of galvanized steel. DELO adhesives use a special formula to lastingly balance tension between different materials.

Their high initial strength also enables prompt processing of compomenents. Both in machinery engineering and plant construction, bonding is the joining technique of the future: Our structural adhesive bonding solutions with methacrylate bond railing elements quickly and reliably, without any welding.

Application examples

Bonding of electric motors

The engine developer and manufacturer ebm-papst bonds steel stators to aluminum housings. They use these assemblies in electric motors of the new modular ECCI drive series. These high-performance multi-pole drives reach a very high torque in a small amount of space. 

Bonded storage an retrieval machine in high-bay warehouse

In collaboration with Gebhardt Fördertechnik and TU Kaiserslautern, DELO has developed a storage and retrieval machine made of steel, aluminum and fiber composite – called “Cheetah”.

Bonding of magnets into stator housings

DELO’s adhesives are used to bond magnets into the stator housing made of zinc-plated steel for electric motors. In this case, the DELO MONOPOX epoxy resin was chosen thanks to the strengths it achieves on magnet and zinc-plated steel.

Bonding of banister elements

DELO’s adhesives join banister elements for interior and exterior use. A great variety of cuts is required in banister construction. Welding is often not possible. DELO-DUOPOX is used as a time-saving and age-resistant alternative.


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