A dispensing valve for quick and precise adhesive application

For exact application of industrial glues, a dispenser valve is absolutely essential. DELO's dispensing valves fulfill all production and efficiency goals.

DELO dispenser valves can be integrated into production lines with high output rates and have long lifetimes. Our dispensing valve DELO-DOT PN3, for example, has numerous advantages: It avoids direct contact and collision between the dispense valve and the component effectively and moving the z-axis becomes unnecessary. This increases efficiency regarding time and costs all along the production process. Depending on the industrial adhesive in use, this dispense valve can distribute up to 330 glue drops per second.

Another advantage of our latest dispensing valve generation: DELO-DOT PN3 allows a maximum dispensing volume of almost 14 mg, thus covering a broad application range. The optimized geometry of the fluid system improves the performance and maximizes the valve’s precision. Two piston variants – one for small and medium-sized drops and one for tiny adhesive amounts – offer variable adjustment possibilities. Certain products, such as unfilled acrylates, can be permanently and reliably jetted even in volumes down to 0.009 mg.

In addition, the pneumatic dispensing valve is versatile: It includes a modular system that strictly separates liquid and actuator, with the latter having a very long lifetime. The dispenser valve can also be easily disassembled for easy cleaning of all parts that come into contact with the adhesive.

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