DELO-GUM: Our silicone adhesive range for reliable and flexible bonding

Sealants like DELO-GUM are available as one- and two-component products. Curing of our one-component silicone adhesives happens by way of moisture. Two-component DELO-GUM silicone glue cures in a matter of minutes – without requiring a humid environment. Thicker layers and extensive adhesion areas take a bit longer until they are fully cured. When compared to regular and high temperature silicone products for standard applications around the household and sanitary facilities, DELO's specialized, state-of-the-art silicone adhesive sealants offer the required adhesion properties for industrial applications – for lasting, reliable results!

Application areas


Room Temperature Curing
  • Suitable for lastingly elastic, highly flexible joins
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Great resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent resistance to weather and aging
  • Consistently high flexibility with this silicone adhesive

Application examples


Adhesives for sensors - DELO-GUM

High temperature silicone adhesive is used to fix and seal circuit boards in housing units. The product used here is oxime-crosslinking and provides the assembled construction with protection against external influences.

Kitchen sinks

Bonding and sealing of kitchen sinks

DELO-GUM silicone adhesive sealant is perfect for bonding and sealing kitchen sinks.

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One-component silicones and sealants Two-component molding compounds
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Data sheets
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