Flip-chip bonding and die attach adhesive solutions for smart label applications

The heart and soul of RFID technology is a small chip that is capable of both storing information and transmitting data to a receiver via radio waves. A built-in antenna is necessary for communication with the reading device. This unit can then be placed on the item in question, for example as a smart label.

Die attach adhesives and flip-chip bonding: Safe and lasting adhesion for electric contacts

Flip-chip bonding has obvious advantages over chip-on-board (COB) technology when it comes to mounting unpackaged semiconductor chips on circuit boards: Where COB technology needs four steps, flip-chip bonding is done in two. Flip-chip contacting uses electrical connectors in the shape of 'contact bumps' on the semiconductor chip's active side. Microchips from manufacturers only need to be placed into the pre-applied adhesive – and cured. Compared to COB technology, manufacture saves two process steps: electrical contacting and chip encapsulation. DELO carries both die attach adhesive solutions and anisotropic, conductive glues. DELO is also in the lead when it comes to flip-chip processes in RFID applications!

Brochure: Process Solutions for Die Attach

Realize miniaturization goals with DELO glue and die attach adhesive solutions

Semiconductor packaging moves towards miniaturization and thinner chips. Demands are manifold, such as superb reliability, easy processing, short cycle times and various applications in smart cards. This calls for tailored adhesives! Especially when it comes to die attach adhesive solutions, products for COB technology and flip-chip bonding, DELO offers a broad range of innovative solutions. Find out more about DELO's portfolio for semiconductor packaging online!


  • Optimized products for various chip sizes
  • Improved flow behavior
  • Solder-free joins are possible
  • High temperature stability up to +260 °C
  • High ion purity, Halogen-free
  • Products tested according to JEDEC MSL 1
  • UV-curing and heat-curing solutions are possible
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates 

Application examples

Die attach

Die attach adhesives in leadframe packages require a high temperature resistance for lead-free soldering processes, good electrical and thermal properties, and the possibility of low-tension curing. DELO has adapted its products to exactly meet these requirements.

Encapsulants for the chip-on-board (COB) technology

Encapsulants are required by electronic components in many industries. The requirements are manifold. These include extremely high reliability, easy processing, short cycle times, and diverse tasks in the smart card industry. DELO offers a wide range of products that ideally match all of these needs.

Sealing of sensors

The new anhydrides have proven successful in practice. These products are used in oil pressure sensors in cars. They cast the inside of the sensor and also seal the electrodes.


Reliable Protection of Components
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Adhesives, Advantages, and Application Areas
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