The engine developer and manufacturer ebm-papst bonds steel stators to aluminum housings. They use these assemblies in electric motors of the new modular ECCI drive series. These high-performance multi-pole drives reach a very high torque in a small amount of space.

The tension-equalizing adhesive used gives better strength in torque tests than the previously used product. Bonding with it could be successfully qualified as a reliable and durable joining method even at high torque.

The adhesive combines an elongation at tear of 30 % with a temperature range of use up to +180 °C. What is more, it has higher extruding forces and adheres very well to a smooth metal surface. Therefore, the complex process step of surface roughening can be omitted. In advance, numerous tests have been conducted in DELO’s labs and by the customer. For example, the bonded electric motors were aged in temperature change tests (-40 °C to +120 °C, 15 cycles).


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Adhesives, Advantages, and Application Areas
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Requirements, Adhesives and Applications
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