Contacting of thin-film cells by conductive adhesives is a gentle conducting method and has numerous advantages over conventional methods like soldering and ultrasonic welding. The maximum curing temperature of the adhesives is +150 °C, which is significantly lower than the temperature during soldering.

The adhesives’ tension-equalizing properties prevent mechanical tensions and reduce micro cracks and cell failure. DELO supplies customized products for various variants of thin-film modules. 


  • One-component and heat-curing
  • 100 % solvent-free
  • Easy handling and dispensing
  • Fast curing
  • Long processing time
  • Reliable and permanent contacting
  • Optimized for a wide variety of thin-film surfaces and structures (rigid, flexible)


  • Easy to integrate into existing production processes
  • Reduction of the cycle time by single shot process option (lamination and adhesive curing in one step)
  • High process reliability
  • Optimized output
  • Flexible material selection