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The leading edge of bonding technology
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Design Examples and Product Range
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Customized Adhesives
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Leading by intelligent bonding technology
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Pneumatic Microdispensing Valve
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before March 2017
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LED Area Lamps
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LED Spot Lamp
PDF-File, 1.0 MB
LED Curing Lamp
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LED Area Lamp
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Foil Cartridge System for Bubble-free Adhesive Dispensing
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Requirements, Adhesives, Applications
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Adhesives, Advantages, and Application Areas
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Benefits, Adhesives and Curing Lamps
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Quick and Process-reliable Bonding of Fastening Elements
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For Display and Touch Panel Bonding
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Reliable Protection of Components
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Adhesive Excellence and Process Intelligence
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Requirements, Adhesives and Applications
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Instructions for use

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Light- and humidity-curing acrylates
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Light- and heat-curing acrylates
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UV- / light-curing and heat-curing epoxy resins
PDF-File, 6.5 MB
Light-fixable / heat-curing
PDF-File, 1.1 MB
Two-component, light-fixable epoxy resin adhesives and encapsulants
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Two-component, heat-curing epoxy resins and potting compounds
PDF-File, 1.0 MB
Two-component epoxy resins, casting resins and trowelling compounds
PDF-File, 1.0 MB
One-component silicones and sealants Two-component molding compounds
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Pressure-sensitive epoxy adhesives
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Preactivated, UV-/light-curing and UV-curing epoxy resin adhesives
PDF-File, 4.2 MB
Anaerobic adhesives
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PDF-File, 1.0 MB
Pressure-sensitive acrylates
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UV-curing and light-curing acrylates
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Two-component polyurethanes
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