eLearning Program 2019: Webinars on Adhesive Bonding


DELO has published its new webinar program. After addressing basic topics, such as adhesive-friendly design, last year, the Webinars in 2019 will focus on areas such as structural bonding and e-mobility.

Adhesive bonding is considered the joining technology of the 21st century and allows for light-weight construction, miniaturization, and multi-material design. Still being a neglected topic in classical engineering studies, DELO wants to close this gap with its series of webinars.

High strength and high reliability – heat-curing adhesives (February 19, 9 am & 5 pm (CET))

Adhesive joints are often subjected to high forces and/or demanding aging requirements. High-performance structural adhesives meet all these requirements. This webinar gives an overview of various adhesive types and their process advantages.

Heat-curing below 80°C (March 20, 9 am & 5 pm (CET))

Standard epoxies cure at e.g. 130 °C (266 °F) and above, which may harm temperature-sensitive-components. Special very low-temperature products can be cured at temperatures as low as 60°C (140 °F). The webinar presents process advantages and application areas of these adhesives.

Adhesives in e-mobility (March 28, 8.30 am & 5 pm (CET))

With increasing demand for electric motors, assembly processes, for example magnet bonding, have to be optimized to maximize UPH as well as bonding reliability. Learn more about the latest adhesive developments and how light-curing processes can help decrease cycle times.

Dispensing technology – fast and precise application of adhesive (open for preregistration)

For adhesive processes, users can choose from a wide variety of dispensers. Giving a brief overview of different dispensing technologies, this webinar focuses on contactless jetting, the fastest adhesive dispensing method.

Interested parties may register at delo-adhesives.com/en/academy/seminars/webinars. The webinars are organized by DELO Academy, the training institution of the adhesive manufacturer. All lecturers have been active for many years in vocational education and training in bonding technology.

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