Dual-Curing Structural Adhesive Simplifies Production Process

DELO has announced the launch of a dual-curing adhesive for structural bonds. DELO DUALBOND SJ2718 combines high strength and temperature resistance with a simple production process.

Designed for use where adhesive bonds are exposed to large mechanical stress and increased temperatures, this new, two-stage light-curing and heat-curing adhesive is faster and easier to use as compared to traditional epoxy resins that generally need additional equipment to hold components in position on production lines and in curing ovens.

DELO DUALBOND SJ2718 can be prefixed in one to five seconds, depending on the intensity of the UV light, eliminating the need for a holding device that must be assembled, disassembled and cleaned after  curing. It reaches full strength within 20 minutes of subsequent heat curing at +130°C. Full strength can also be achieved with extended curing time at +90°C or within just a few minutes using induction heating.

With a strength on aluminum of 60 MPa and on high-performance plastic PA6 of 30 MPa, its performance is comparable to purely heat-curing structural adhesives. 60 MPa correspond to a force of 1.2 tons on the surface of a one Euro cent coin. This adhesive demonstrates high thermal and chemical resistance. In a typical long-term test of 500 hours in storage at +85 °C and 85 % relative air humidity, DELO DUALBOND SJ2718 achieves more than three quarters of its original strength on Aluminum. The same holds true after 1,000 hours of storage at +200 °C.

The medium-viscous, one-component product is SAPT-compliant and suitable for a multitude of applications in the temperature range from -40 °C to +180 °C. The automotive industry is already using this light-curing adhesive in the production of electric motors where buried magnets are fixed in the rotor package and reliable curing is achieved without fixing devices.

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