That sticks!

Mobile phones, wind power systems, e-cars, aircrafts – hardly any innovative item can do without adhesives. In ordinary life, however, the knowledge of how to correctly bond is not very widespread so that bathroom hooks have come off walls in many households for sure. Therefore, DELO has taken an active part in the creation of new educational material that shows how adhesives are used.

The study materials for chemistry and physics lessons were prepared by Prof. Dr. Bernd Ralle, Technical University of Dortmund. The "The Art of Bonding" comprising 58 pages shows teachers and students when adhesive sticks or not, using exiting experiments.

The Fund of the Chemical Industry and the German Adhesives Industry publishes the study materials and provides chemistry teachers with them. DELO supported the authors in preparing the study materials, and handed over some copies to the Dominikus-Zimmermann-Gymnasium in Landsberg, the Rhabanus-Maurus-Gymnasium in St. Ottilien and the Knabenrealschule in Schondorf. Other schools can order the study materials by mailing to


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