Bubble-free dispensing with DELO's clever adhesive packaging

DELO FLEXCAP is a hermetically tight dispensing cartridge that works with a flexible foil layer: This membrane replaces a common cartridge's piston – making it perfect for storing, transporting and dispensing adhesives without bubbles! The cartridge system doesn't contain air, which enables extraordinary precision in dosage and complete emptying!

DELO FLEXCAP cartridges are available in 10 and 30 ml units. With DELO-XPRESS, customized pressure tanks with integrated fill level indicators are available for both sizes of this adhesive packaging: The level indicator is a one-of-a-kind early detection system that is often used in fully-automated production. An integrated sensor brings awareness to an almost empty dispensing cartridge. The user can therefore start preparing a cartridge exchange in time, not losing precious production time!


  • Reliable processes thanks to bubble-free dispensing
  • High yielding rate with reproducible processes
  • Easy integration of clever adhesive packaging in existing production processes
  • Higher efficiency and reduced costs thanks to decreased rejects and longer production periods
  • Airtight dispensing cartridges enable easy and affordable transport: on dry ice, for example


Foil Cartridge System for Bubble-free Adhesive Dispensing
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