Compact and efficient control units for LED spot lamps

DELO has launched the DELOLUX pilot S4i and S4T models for controlling and powering LED curing lamps They allow the use of more powerful lamp heads and are even more compact.

The new DELOLUX pilot S series allows DELOLUX 50 spot lamps to be controlled efficiently. Up to four lamp heads can be controlled independently. Requiring very little space, the devices are ideal for integration into systems with limited space. DELOLUX pilot S4i (i = integrated) measures just 100 x 80 x 100 mm; the approximate dimensions of the S4T model (T = touch) are 230 x 300 x 400 mm.

The DELOLUX pilot S4i control unit comes without integrated power supply and is designed purely for integration into PLC-controlled process systems. In contrast, the DELOLUX pilot S4T model additionally enables manual control via touch screen and has its own integrated power supply. The touch version allows lamp heads to be operated autonomously without the use of a PLC. Nevertheless, PLC control is still possible on this system. So just one device is enough to operate in three different modes: purely manual, semi-automatic, or even fully automatic.

Compared to their predecessor, the S4 models impress with an increase in power from 60 W to 150 W. This allows even more powerful lamp heads to be used, such as the spot light source DELOLUX 504. Thanks to significantly increased intensity, UV adhesives cure faster and cycle times are reduced. A sophisticated controller in the base unit ensures a constant intensity of the lamp heads.

For more information on UV curing lamps and control units, attend DELO Academy's online TECH TALKs.

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