DELO introduces powerful UV curing lamp for clean rooms

DELO curing lamps feature a modular design and can be adapted to customer-specific requirements. One example is the DELOLUX 203 UV area lamp, which DELO has designed for a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions to the semiconductor industry for use in clean rooms. The lamp is based on the already proven DELOLUX 20, but works with water cooling instead of air cooling.

Just as there is no single universal adhesive for every material, there is also a need for individual curing solutions, depending, for example, on the component size or the production environment. In the field of light curing, DELO not only offers a wide range of area and spot lamps that can be combined to suit differently sized irradiation areas, but it also offers variable cooling concepts tailored to customers' production conditions.

For a leading developer of equipment and process solutions for the semiconductor industry, DELO has developed the DELOLUX 203 UV lamp based on a DELOLUX 20 lamp head. The area lamp is designed for use in a clean room where there can be no influence on the continuous laminar air flow in the room. For this reason, DELO removed the original fan and replaced it with a new external cooling profile based on water cooling.

With DELOLUX 203, users benefit from the advantages of the classic and durable DELOLUX 20 with a wavelength of 365 nm. The lamp weighs 1.6 kg without cooling module and measures 112 mm x 112 mm x 121 mm. It provides an intensity of more than 600 mW/cm² and features plug-and-play connectivity for easy integration into production lines. The intensity progress is constant over the entire irradiation time.

“Just under a third of our adhesives are the result of customer-specific developments,” says Robert Saller, member of the DELO Management Board. “Our lamps can be optimally lined up with each other thanks to their thin edges at the light exit area, enabling homogeneous irradiation over the entire area. With the flexible cooling module, we can now respond even better to our customers' needs.”

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