DELO to expand presence in the medical electronics industry

DELO Industrial Adhesives, a Germany-based, globally present adhesives manufacturer, has begun its foray into medical electronics applications. The company plans to apply its advanced adhesives, miniaturization, and raw materials expertise to the development of medical technologies such as glucose monitoring patches, biosensors, and microfluidics, as well as to produce new medical-grade adhesives for future customers’ specific applications and requirements.

The medical electronics industry is a rapidly evolving sector, with new and innovative ways to give patients state-of-the-art care to stay on top of their health. Wearable electronics have particularly become a stronghold in this sector, with smart watches coming with integrated health-focused capabilities such as heart rate monitoring, step counting and fall detection. These features and much more demonstrate how medical and consumer electronics industries have begun to merge.

As a leading manufacturer of bonding materials, DELO has long partnered with some of the largest companies in the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries., With its stronger focus on medical electronics, the company sees  a new opportunity to help customers forge innovations as it has in other sectors. One such innovation is lab-on-chip technology, which uses semiconductors to detect and monitor the development of diseases. DELO will be able to contribute here with its extensive knowledge in optoelectronics and miniaturization.

“We not only have cutting-edge adhesives with a sharply increasing number of medical certifications for non-cytotoxic products,” said managing director Dr. Karl Bitzer. “For our future customers, we will also release more specialized medical-grade products and, more importantly, bring our semicon manufacturing, miniaturization, and equipment expertise to market, enabling and supporting our customers to develop astonishing new products, scaling up production and efficiently mass-manufacture them.”

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