For high-volume applications like bonding cylindrical cells into a carrier, battery manufacturers benefit from DELO's vast portfolio of high-speed adhesives. These UV-curing acrylates bond in seconds and make time-consuming batch curing process a thing in the past. In addition to their integrated flame retardancy and superb adhesion to flame-retardant plastics, these adhesives offer integrated protection against vibrations, improving the overall acoustics of the battery pack.

Product features:

  • Flame-retardant
  • Compensation of CTE mismatch
  • Integrated vibration protection
  • Improvement of acoustics
  • Good adhesion to flame-retardant plastics

Assembly processes

  • Easy dispensing process
  • Curing on demand with (UV)light
  • Curing in < 10s
  • Option: Curing in shadowed areas by humidity

Depending on carrier design, bonding gap and dispensing method the following process options can be distinguished:

You are interested to learn more about carrier bonding? Discuss your project and your requirements with our experts: esc-experts@DELO.de. Rely on DELO for customized adhesive solutions that improve the reliability of your products. Take advantage of our free project consultation now!

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