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Adhesive bonding is a demanding joining technology. To successfully solve bonding challenges, you need a good understanding of the basics and special features of this technology. Build up valuable knowledge with the help of our "TECH TALK" webinars!


With impulse lectures, our adhesive experts impart knowledge to you on topics such as the correct pretreatment of surfaces or achieving very fast production processes. Afterwards, in each of our TECH TALKs, you have the opportunity to address your specific questions to our experts and get helpful tips for your projects.

All webinars are hosted by the DELO Academy and are free of charge. Simply participate from the comfort of your workplace - whether at home or in the office.
We look forward to an exciting exchange with you!


Februar 2023

Bonded connections in construction: What design engineers need to know about structural bonding

Lightweight designs, the ability to use different materials and high resistance to dynamic forces: these are just a few of many benefits of structural adhesives over conventional joining technologies.

As adhesives can use their full potential when considered early on in the design phase, this webinar will equip you with many practical tips so that your next structural bond will be a lasting one, that also accelerates the production process and saves costs.

Get an answer to questions like:

  • Why does my bonded connection fail when I use the design of my welded join?
  • What influence does the gap width have on the strength and stiffness of a structure?
  • What is the optimum design for a potting application?


If you have any further questions, our experts will be pleased to answer them.

February 23rd, 2023
05.00 - 05.45 pm (CET)

March 2023

The basics of bonding: Everything you need to know

In the webinar, you will receive all the basics that you need if you consider working with adhesives. You will learn more about the advantages from which you can benefit when using high-tech adhesives. Additionally, you will get to know the factors important for a successful implementation of your bonding process.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • For which applications is bonding suitable? Are there any limits?
  • Why is the adhesive’s mode of failure helpful when selecting an adhesive?
  • What is the adhesive’s optimum layer thickness for your specific application?


If you have any further questions, our experts will be pleased to answer them.

March 14th, 2023
09.00 - 09.45 am (CET)

March 2023

Reducing costs and carbon dioxide emissions in electronics manufacturing with adhesives

New technologies can push the boundaries for your innovations to unknown limits. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about a new assembly technology that gives you maximum freedom of product and process design while reducing costs and carbon emissions at the same time. With “activation on the flow”, high-energy as well as other bonding processes used in high-volume industries can be replace, reducing costs and carbon emissions significantly.

You will get an answer to questions such as:

  • What is behind this new technology and which process steps are combined?
  • What’s the difference between the standard UV curing process and “activation on the flow”?
  • How does “activation on the flow” enable cost savings and reduce you carbon footprint significantly?
  • Which adhesives can be used and what are their mechanical properties?
  • How can the technology be used for opaque components and complex geometries, like automotive sensor applications?


If you have any further questions, our experts will be pleased to answer them.

March 21st, 2023
03.00 - 03.45 pm (CET)


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