DELO's adhesive dispensing system – for precise adhesive distribution

Industrial adhesives, applications and desired automation level - these are crucial aspects for picking a suitable adhesive dispensing system - including dispensing guns, valves and pressure tanks.

DELO glue dispenser equipment is a perfect fit for our high-tech adhesives and ensures smooth production processes. You benefit from cost-efficient bonding applications that are flexibly integrated into the production line. Especially when it comes to adhesive dispensing through jets, precision, speed and compact design matter: precision to ensure that even smallest amounts of glue can be precisely and reproducibly applied; speed for fast processing; and compact design, so DELO dispensing systems can be integrated into any setting.

A DELO adhesive dispensing system: Exact and reliable

DELO adhesive dispenser guns are used for manual or pneumatic processing of products in 50 or 200 ml double chamber cartridges. They allow for the processing of 2-component adhesives in an easy, safe way - and like a one-component product thanks to static mixing tubes.

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To precisely navigate dispensing pressure and time, we have developed DELOMAT 101.

Pressure tanks and dispensing guns. Flexible integration into processes.

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Bubble-free dispensing with DELO FLEXCAP

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