Automotive adhesive solutions that beat welding: Rely on DELO for maximum bonding strength

DELO ONSERT® – the bonded bolt for light-weight construction in automotive and automotive electronics. This brand new automotive adhesive system is an alternative to welding as it offers various application possibilities. It also combines the advantages of adhesion and a bolted joint!

Welding and soldering are not the only bonding methods around anymore: Adhesion is a safe and fast method, hence winning more and more ground in manufacture, in particular when it comes to automotive electronics. No surprise that more than 30 pounds of automotive adhesive are used to assemble a car these days! State-of-the-art automotive adhesive products by DELO hold up to the high demands of automotive applications. Especially when it comes to automotive electronics – where sensors need to be fixed reliably and lastingly – DELO's products take center stage. Within the engine, automotive adhesives have to be highly heat-resistant and hold up to chemicals.

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Quick and safe joining in automotive applications with ONSERT®

In partnership with Böllhoff, DELO has developed the ONSERT® technique – combining adhesion and screwing. This is a cutting-edge method to bond component of transparent or translucent plastic with light-curing adhesives – and adding an optional metal reinforcement element. Reliable production results are of prime importance when using automotive adhesive products: DELO ONSERT® reaches this goal with very short curing times and the geometrical design of connecting elements! With curing done in a matter of seconds thanks to LED light, the bonded component is ready to be used immediately. Additionally, since the adhesive connection is invisible, sophisticated looks can be realized when it comes to design and surface areas. Learn more about our industrial glues and automotive adhesive solutions: Both the website and our team are here for you!

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Application examples

Automotive electronics

Adhesives for chip and sensor casting in the automotive industry must withstand extreme chemical stress and elevated temperatures from -65 °C to +200 °C.

Automotive cameras

Camera-based driver assistance systems are on the advance. Requirements on components are increasing as consumers demand the utmost quality and reliability in terms of lens structure and pixel density. DELO’s newly developed adhesives are especially suitable for the temperature-sensitive materials used in this field.

Sensor bonding

A multitude of sensors are used in cars. These include position sensors, speed sensors, concentration sensors, pressure sensors, fill level sensors, and many more. Bonding sensors requires special adhesives. They must protect the sensor from the environmental conditions prevailing at the point of use, such as elevated temperatures, high pressure, or aggressive media. The open contact areas of the housing must be reliably covered and protected from corrosion.

ONSERT® method

DELO and BÖLLHOFF (provider of mechanical connection techniques such as riveting and screwing) share the same approach in terms of joining technology. ONSERT® is an innovative joining method that unifies the connection elements adhesives and screws. With this method, fixing elements such as thread inserts or clips are bonded with special light-curing adhesives.


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