Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), and in particular cameras and LiDAR sensors, have become almost indispensable today. The requirements placed on the components are constantly increasing, since highest quality and reliability are essential for autonomous driving. Newly developed adhesives from DELO are particularly well suited for the temperature-sensitive materials used for these components.

Dual-curing adhesives are the ideal solution for fast processes with fast cycle times (high production volumes). Thanks to the fast light fixation and reliable final curing of these adhesives, components can be aligned highly accurately. The adhesives are used, for example, for bonding lenses or active alignment. DELO also provides excellent solutions for other applications such as die attach applications or cure-in-place-gaskets (CIPG).


Quick and Process-reliable Bonding of Fastening Elements
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Reliable Protection of Components
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Adhesives, Advantages, and Application Areas
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