A multitude of sensors are used in cars. These include position sensors, speed sensors, concentration sensors, pressure sensors, fill level sensors, and many more. Bonding sensors requires special adhesives. They must protect the sensor from the environmental conditions prevailing at the point of use, such as elevated temperatures, high pressure, or aggressive media. The open contact areas of the housing must be reliably covered and protected from corrosion.

DELO’s light-curing adhesives enable the reliable sealing of microswitches, relays and connectors, fixing of electronic components, and bonding of housing parts. Applications in the automotive industry in particular require fast bonding processes combining short cycle time with reliable process control. DELO’s light-curing adhesives are excellent for this purpose: Fast curing within seconds by exposure to light (“curing on demand”) enables immediate in-line quality control. This is how component defects can be detected promptly and necessary remedial actions can be taken, saving time and cost.


Quick and Process-reliable Bonding of Fastening Elements
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Reliable Protection of Components
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Adhesives, Advantages, and Application Areas
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