MEMS packaging and miniaturization: Huge success with DELO's adhesives

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) can be found in everyday products. The tiny components are used in mini loudspeakers or touch panels – where DELO's flexible adhesives keep every bit in place!

Consumer electronics is an ever-growing industry and we can't even imagine living without interactive, easy-to-use multi-touch panels and displays. Innovative products, improved user interfaces and new functionalities rely on suitable and lasting electronic adhesives. Especially in entertainment and automotive electronics, adhesive solutions help to keep components in place: MEMS packaging has seen rapid growth in the last few years as MEMS sensors are now widely used in everyday products. A single smartphone holds up to 20 chips these days – with that number growing. Expectations on MEMS packaging and suitable adhesive products are tough. And the industry is moving towards more miniaturization for sure!

DELO's MEMS packaging solutions: For mini loudspeakers that are powerhouses

When it comes to mini loudspeakers, DELO's electronic adhesive range has been convincing manufacturers for years! We all expect our mobile devices to show excellent sound quality. Electronic glue enables the membranes to not just stay put but vibrate. Suitable electronic glue is flexible and ensures that the membrane can vibrate, creating the crystal clear sound we all love!

DELO is definitely up to the rapid acceleration in research and development: We have a history of developing electronics adhesive products that show a unique combination of flexibility and bonding strength. Our MEMS packaging solutions, for example, support manufacturers in building ever smaller, more powerful products that customers love - find more information on DELO products on our website!

Application examples

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are found in many everyday products. These tiny components are used in many fields of applications. In particular, mobile phones and automotive applications contain numerous MEMS elements.

Every cell phone is expected to deliver good acoustic quality. Even the most basic phones meanwhile produce good audio quality and are suitable for listening to music. The highest-end cell phones are equipped with up to three mini-loudspeakers.

The touch display is a “sandwich” of many active layers that needs to be efficiently assembled.


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