DELO: Adhesives for high-fidelity acoustics with strict technical requirements

Whether in smart speakers, smartphones, or headphones, loudspeakers are built into many electronic devices. These electromagnetic systems consist of a variety of parts that are bonded together.

The sound quality of a loudspeaker is determined not only by its individual components, but also by the quality of the adhesives used to join these components. DELO has developed special products that improve acoustics and meet the strict technical requirements for power density, temperature resistance, and strength. The speaker adhesives are also designed for fast and fully automated production.

Suitable adhesives for loudspeaker manufacturing

DELO PHOTOBOND adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide range of plastic components. Due to the fact that they cure within seconds, they allow particularly fast processes. The fluorescence of the adhesives enables reliable application control in automated processes. DELO DUALBOND adhesives combine the advantages of light curing with a second curing mechanism by moisture or heat. These products enable fast processes in combination with safe curing in shadow zones. For structural bonding, the products of the DELO MONOPOX series, which cure by heat, are suitable.

Why should you choose DELO adhesives for loudspeaker manufacturing?

  1. Versatile applications: DELO offers a wide range of adhesives specifically designed for bonding speakers. Whether you want to bond the speaker cone to the voice coil or structurally bond speaker enclosures and magnet systems, we have the right solutions for every component.
  2. Excellent adhesion and resistance: Our adhesives ensure reliable adhesion to various materials such as plastics, coated metals, ferrites, PEEK and TPE. They are highly resistant to moisture and high temperatures, so bonds remain stable and reliable.
  3. Quality and performance testing: At DELO, we subject our adhesives to rigorous testing to ensure they meet high standards. We specifically optimize our speaker adhesives’ acoustic properties so that they allow for excellent sound quality.
  4. Easy handling: Our adhesives can be precisely dispensed, either with dispensing needles or jetting methods. This makes application easier and your production processes more efficient. The DELO-DOT PN5 microdispensing valve is particularly suitable for dispensing speaker adhesives.
  5. Fast curing: With DELO's LED curing lamps, speaker adhesives cure in the shortest possible time. This reduces your production times and allows you to process your speakers faster.
  6. Technical support: Our experts are ready to help you choose the right adhesive for your loudspeaker application. We offer technical support and helpful advice to help you achieve the best results.


DELO adhesives and equipment are used by leading companies in the speaker industry. Experience the difference with our industrial adhesives for loudspeakers and mini speakers. Rely on DELO for customized adhesive solutions that improve the audio quality and reliability of your products. Take advantage of our free project consultation now!

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