Dispensing Adhesives Quickly and Accurately

Powerful dispensing valves ensure fast and accurate application of adhesives and other media such as grease, oil, and liquids. In series production with high cycle frequency, jet valves, which are known for long service lives, are generally preferred for this purpose.  

DELO-DOT PN3, the pneumatic jet valve in modular design additionally offers the advantage of contactless dispensing, thus effectively preventing collisions of dispensing valve and components. The maximum operating frequency is 330 adhesive drops per second.  

DELO-DOT D4 is a piezo-based jet valve that is well suited for dispensing liquids, grease, and adhesives with a viscosity of > 5,000 mPas.

Thanks to the integrated nozzle heater, the media viscosity can be optimally adjusted to your specific process. Very tiny volumes of up to 2 nL can be accurately dispensed.  

Even pinch valves and diaphragm valves, which can be integrated in series production processes and allow small quantities to be accurately dispensed, are available from DELO.  

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Our portfolio of dispensing systems includes

Robust valve for very precise application of the smallest amounts of adhesives

For reliably cured adhesives - in a matter of seconds

For clean and safe application of substrates of all viscosities

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Bubble-free dispensing with DELO FLEXCAP

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