LED curing lamps for quick adhesive curing processes

When bonding, immediate and reliable results are crucial. LED curing ensures quick curing, hence supporting efficiency in production.

DELO offers a range of industrial adhesives and LED curing lamps that are an optimum fit. This allows for easy and safe curing processing of light-curing adhesives. These glues harden optimally when exposed to UV curing light, which is 100 to 1,000 times as intense as natural light. These UV light curing systems come in the shape of area or spot lights and rely on LEDs. We are proud to offer cutting-edge UV curing technology!

LED curing lamps are now the leading technology when it comes to curing light-curing adhesives. An obvious advantage is the long life cycle: more than ten times of what a discharge lamp can offer. This increases power efficiency and controllability tremendously.

DELOLUX 20/202

High-intensity area lamp for large areas, expandable as required



High intensity spot lamp with interchangeable focus lenses



Powerful area lamp for small areas



Area lamp for homogeneous irradiation in continuous processes

Quicker, more efficient, more reliable: LED curing lamps

UV curing lights with LEDs bring advantageous technical features to adhesive hardening:

  • Light intensity customizable to a consistently high level
  • Service life of more than 20,000 hours possible
  • Low running costs thanks to low energy consumption and low costs for maintenance and spare parts
  • No pre-heating, hence ready-to-use straight away
  • High reproducibility of curing properties all along the irradiation areas
  • Lowest heat development on component
  • Compact design

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