Optoelectronics: DELO's optically clear adhesives for compact camera modules and more

Optoelectronics is one of the main disciplines where technological development is happening right now! The term itself refers to light and microelectronics: Hence, optoelectronics includes all components that convert electrical energy into light and vice versa. Powerful optoelectronic components have made significant progress possible: in computer technology, in telecommunication, in micro-optics, in sensor and manufacturing technology alike. A cell phone's compact camera module is just one example.

When it comes to glue, most people think: cloudy, tough and sticky – quite to the contrary of contemporary applications with clear, optically transparent solutions! This new generation of adhesives fixes, seals and holds up to optical demands and takes on optical jobs – beyond mere bonding: New micro-optical applications for LEDs and wafer level cameras, small cameras in cars and cell phones (such as compact camera modules) put high demands on materials and adhesives. In addition to resilience and thermic UV stability, industrial adhesives convince with low rates of gas emission and shrinkage. DELO carries a range of formulas developed specifically to meet these demands. Some of these products don't just offer lens bonding but take on the job of lenses themselves!

Brochure: Adhesive and Process Solutions for LED Packaging

"Go smaller" – miniaturization in optronics and compact camera modules

Powerful optoelectronic sensors ask for higher power density while miniaturizing components, especially in consumer electronics. In addition, the market expects lowered costs per component in order to realize reliable mass production in the future. Cell phones have also been getting slimmer and slimmer so it is necessary to produce ever smaller components. With tinier compact camera modules and less space within the cell phone, clever joining techniques to bond different materials are also necessary. DELO adhesives ensure that your production line is superbly set up to firmly connect smallest components in a matter of seconds. Contact us now for further information!

Application examples

LED lens bonding

Nowadays, LED illumination is used all over the world. Their key pros: They save energy and costs, and have a long lifetime. Therefore, DELO has developed adhesives which are advantageous especially in terms of outgassing, thermal resistance and UV stability.

Mini-camera applications

High-resolution mini-cameras in mobile phones (compact camera modules) and cars (front and rear view cameras) will be key features of these two markets in the future.

DELO adhesives are especially adapted to these requirements and enable a highly accurate adjustment of the optical axis (active alignment) and high optical quality in the long term. 


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