Trade fairs

The Battery Show 2020

2020-09-15 - 2020-09-17

Booth number: 2460

Suburban Collection Showplace Novi, MI | USA

Trade fairs

MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit 2020

2020-09-21 - 2020-09-23

Booth number: 19

World Trade Center WTC Grenoble | France

Webinar "Bonded connections in construction: Design guidelines for joins with adhesive"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

Designers and process designers need the right knowledge about adhesives to achieve the desired quality of their end products. In this Online Tech Talk, the basics for the design of an adhesive seam or a potting will be explained.

Get an answer to questions like:

  • What influence does the gap width have on the strength and stiffness of a structure?
  • What is the optimum design for a potting application?
  • Why does my bonded connection fail when I use the design of my welded join?

Ask your questions in the webinar! Our experts will be pleased to answer them.

Webinar "Hybrid chemistry: fixing two-component epoxy resins within seconds "


Start: 05.00 pm
End: 05.45 pm

For many high-volume applications, two-componet epoxy resins have been considered too slow - not any more. Thanks to a newly developed light fixation mechanism for two-component epoxy resins, users benefit from faster, less complex production processes. In this webinar, we will introduce the new adhesives.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • For which applications can 2C light fixation be used?
  • Can these adhesives accelerate the production processes?
  • How does a typical process look like in which light-fixable 2C epoxy resins are used?

Ask your questions in the webinar! Our experts will be pleased to answer them.

Webinar "Surface Pretreatment"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

In this webinar, we will show process options prior to the actual bonding process. Our experts will give you an overview of various pretreatment methods and show you which methods are available for quality assurance.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • What are the effects of surface pretreatment?
  • Do all components have to be pretreated before bonding?
  • How can a reproducible quality of the bonded joint be achieved?

Any further questions? Ask them!

Webinar "Fast processes: bonding in seconds"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

Fast and efficient processes offer a considerable competitive edge. Combined with expertly applied knowledge, high-tech adhesives can help accelerate production processes. This TECH TALK will show you exactly how this can look like.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • Can light-curing adhesives be used to bond components that are not translucent?
  • Are there adhesives that have multiple curing mechanisms?
  • Can the curing speed of heat-curing adhesives be increased?
  • What is the minimum curing time of adhesives?

Enrich the TECH TALK with your additional questions!

Trade fairs

IDTechEx 2020

2020-11-18 - 2020-11-19

Booth number: B13

Santa Clara Convention Center, CA | USA

Webinar "Basic of Bonding Technology"


Start: 09.00 am
End: 09.45 am

In the webinar, the DELO experts will provide you with basics knowledge of bonding technology and show you which factors need to be considered for the successful implementation of bonding processes. You can also learn about the advantages of using high-tech adhesives for different applications.

You will get an answer to questions like:

  • For which applications is bonding suitable? What are the limits?
  • Why is the image of failure in adhesive helpful in the adhesive selection?
  • What is the optimum layer thickness of adhesives?

Please feel free to answer your specific questions!

Trade fairs

Photonics West 2021

2021-01-23 - 2021-01-28

The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA | USA

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EUR 163 million

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15 % of sales revenues

as of March 31, 2020


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