UV curing lamp DELOLUX 50 – for curing tiniest adhesive dots on the spot

DELOLUX 50 UV curing lamp is an excellent option for quick and precise curing of adhesives. With intensities of up to 12.000 mW/cm², this UV spotlight can realize exposure times of under a second. Furthermore, this UV spot lamp isn't just space-efficient but especially reliable: Consistent light intensity ensures process security, when working with DELOLUX 50 UV curing lamp.


  • Fixing of coil wires
  • Securing of the position of individually adjusted components
  • Electronic casting with relatively thin adhesive layers and areas measuring several square millimeters in size
  • Lens bonding


  • Perfectly suitable LED heads available for a variety of applications
  • UV curing lamp with more than 20,000 active hours
  • Option to independently illuminate several bonding areas
  • Easy integration into a production system due to very small LED heads


  • The right LED head for every application
  • More than 20,000 h lifetime can be achieved
  • Independent irradiation of multiple bonding areas
  • Easy integration into production systems thanks to the small dimensions of the LED heads



  • 1 LED
  • head diameter: 12 mm


  • 4 LEDs
  • head diameter: 15 mm

In addition, specific focusing of light is possible with the help of interchangeable lenses.
These allow various intensities and spot sizes (detailed illustration in the diagram).

Technical data

Light exit area Light intensity Wavelengths
DELOLUX 50 x1 8.6 mm dia. ≥ 7,000 mW / cm² 365 nm, 400 nm, 460 nm
DELOLUX 50 x4 11.5 mm dia. ≥ 1,400 mW / cm² 365 nm
DELOLUX 50 x4 11.5 mm dia. ≥ 2,000 mW / cm² 400 nm

Up to four DELOLUX 50 lamps can be independently controlled with the external DELO-UNIPRO control module. Irradiation time and intensity can be individually set for each lamp. In addition, the status of all monitored lamp functions is displayed on the control unit. The control module is also available as the DELO-UNIPRO Light version.

To monitor production processes, we recommend checking the light intensity of DELOLUX 50 by means of the DELOLUXcontrol light intensity meter at regular intervals.


LED Spot Lamp
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Benefits, Adhesives and Curing Lamps
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