DELO's LED flood lamp portfolio

DELOLUX 20 and DELOLUX 202 are UV flood lamps. Distributing light homogeneously, a flood lamp enables curing of larger areas in a matter of seconds.

Our LED flood lights can be adjusted to individual production settings and flexibly integrated into fully automated assembly lines. They are especially suitable for large areas that need consistent illumination for curing: By placing DELOLUX 20 or DELOLUX 202 flood curing lamps in a row, it is possible to bring light evenly to large adhesion surfaces. In-series connection of these LED curing lamps is possible both on the x- and the y-axis.

Another advantage of these flood lamps: Thanks to the cold light source, heat development on the component is very low. In addition, this type of flood lamp shows a very long lifetime and completely even light intensity – for optimal curing results throughout their life cycle.


  • Glass bonding
  • Display bonding (sizable, low-tension curing)
  • Thicker, flat adhesive layers
  • Small component bonding with short cycle times
  • Microswitch bonding
  • Bonding of mini-loudspeakers


  • Suitable for irradiating larger areas
  • Ideal for fully automated production lines
  • Cold light source - lowest heat development at the component


  • Lifetime exceeding 20,000 hours
  • Consistent light intensity throughout the flood lamp's lifetime
  • Irradiation area can be expanded on the x- and y-axis
  • Very even distribution of light even on large areas
  • Same base unit for both types of lamp heads



> large surfaces


> long lines

Technical data

Wavelengths 365 nm 400 nm 460 nm
Light exit area

100 x 100 mm / 49 x 202 mm

100 x 100 mm / 49 x 202 mm

101 x 101 mm / 48.1 x 198.4 mm
Intensities (typical) Version A1 ≥ 600 mW / cm²
Version A2 ≥ 1,200 mW / cm²
Version A1 ≥ 1,000 mW / cm²
Version A2 ≥ 2,000 mW / cm²
≥ 400 mW / cm²
Controller DELOLUX pilot DELOLUX pilot DELO-UNIPRO

Base unit

The newly developed base unit DELOLUX pilot enables control and power supply. Current lighting parameters are displayed on a large 7'' touch screen and can be set individually by the user. The display is designed to meet industrial requirements and ensures optimal readability even under difficult conditions. This allows DELOLUX pilot to be operated intuitively, even without reading the user manual, and ensures a smooth production flow.

Process control

Irradiation parameters of up to 4 lamp heads are displayed simultaneously in the main menu and controlled via touch screen. Several user languages make the device ideally suited for international use.

User management

Modification of parameters during operation is password-protected based on assigned rights. You can create individual user profiles with distinct access rights to guarantee consistent processes.

Status messages

Various message types help the user ensure a smooth process flow by taking recommended actions.  

DELOLUX 20 and DELOLUX 202 with a wavelength of 460 nm are controlled using DELO-UNIPRO. Up to four DELOLUX 20 or DELOLUX 202 lamps can be independently controlled. Irradiation time and intensity can be individually set for each lamp. In addition, the status of all monitored lamp functions is displayed on the control unit. The control module is also available as the DELO-UNIPRO Light version.

To monitor production processes, we recommend checking the light intensity of DELOLUX 20 by means of the DELOLUXcontrol light intensity meter at regular intervals.


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