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Racing Team of DHBW Stuttgart sprints towards DELO

On March 1, 2016, 12 students of the University of Stuttgart visited DELO for a joint exchange of experience.

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That sticks!

Mobile phones, wind power systems, e-cars, aircrafts – hardly any innovative item can do without adhesives. In ordinary life, however, the knowledge of how to correctly bond is not very widespread so that bathroom hooks have come off walls in many households for sure. Therefore, DELO has taken an active part in the creation of new educational material that shows how adhesives are used.

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Enthused students at the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences

For the students of the bachelor's program about mechanical engineering and material technology of the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, the...

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Hail to good collaboration! – with the TUfast Eco Team

On November 24, 2015, the DELO Academy organized an excursion for the members of the TUfast ECO Team to DELO. A group of students participates in a...

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